A delightfully unkempt collection of music videos for young families.

Calling all tiny tots, kindie kids, yummy mummies, delicious daddyos
and groovy grandparents! Following the success of three
critically acclaimed albums, leading Indie-Kindie band The Mudcakes
are thrilled to announce the launch of their first ever DVD,
‘Music Videos for Little Monkeys.’ Ten little movie sweet treats
served up to The Mudcakes' best loved songs including ‘I’m a Sock’
and ‘Monkey Boy’ plus stop-motion and claymation clips, interviews and
behind the scenes fun bites that kids and grown ups will love in equal measure.
The Mudcakes bring a holistic approach to children’s entertainment
and seven of the clips are produced by this Melbourne/Nashville duo,
singer/songwriter Sherry Rich and Grammy and Oscar nominated musician,
Rick Plant at their home film studio. “We had terrific fun filming our children
and their friends in our neighbourhood and favourite wild places …
beaches, backyards, back alleys, lakes, gardens, footpaths, dance halls
and skate parks around Melbourne and regional Victoria.”
The DVD features super cute videos for all of your fave Mudcakes tunes;
Monkey Boy, Teeth, Fishin' Hole, Hug, Jump, Crocodile,
Things That Mums and Dads Say andtwo never before seen clips for
POO PARTY and I'M A SOCK that you can't find anywhere else.
Plus interviews and behind-the-scenes fun extras all in a nice,
recycled card package because we love Mother Earth.

Enjoy videos of:

Monkey Boy


How Many Teeth

Poo Party

I'm a Sock

Fishin' Hole


Things that Mums and Dads Say


And more!

*This is a PAL DVD - those outside Australia should check
here to see if their player is compatable!