The Mudcakes
‘Music For Little Monkeys’

How the elements in our music programmes fit into the EYLF
[Early Years Learning Framework] Learning Outcomes
focusing on developmental and play based learning.

1. Emotional/Identity – Songs relating to a young child’s world and experiences
[growing teeth, toilet training, hugging, having a snotty nose] contribute to sense of self,
identity and emotional well being. Being allowed to shout and growl and howl
[express emotions] in the safe environment of a song feels good.
2. Social/Community – Enjoying music in a group setting encourages belonging and
inclusivity. Songs celebrating our differences help children respect diversity.
3. Physical/Wellbeing – Singing ,clapping, dancing, shouting, growling and jumping
all contribute to a sense of fun and physical wellbeing.
4. Cognitive/Learning – Learning to play simple instruments, [bongos, kazoos] repetition and memorizing words in songs as well as linking singing with physical movement
[clapping, dancing] and role playing assists creative and cognitive development.
5. Language/Communication – Counting songs [5 little ducks] list songs,
story songs and the ability to remember and recall lyrics
contribute to language development.